best urgent careWhy Premier Urgent Care?

Better value than Emergency Room - A recent study shows emergency room costs are approximately 700% more than the cost for the same level of quality medical care received at an urgent care facility.

According to the Division of Health Care Statistics, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, only 15% of patients seen at hospital emergency rooms were truly emergency cases. This means approximately 85% of patients that go to an ER do not have a true medical emergency.  Emergency Rooms are intended to provide care to people with serious medical issues that need expert, immediate evaluation and treatment -- conditions such as traumatic injuries, heart attacks and strokes.

Premier Urgent Care offers an alternate option that:

  • Provides patients with reduced costs of care
  • Decreases the time patients are being treated versus the Emergency Room
  • All this with exceptional medical treatment in a warm, welcoming environment.

Lower co-payments for urgent Care - As costs are much lower for privately owned urgent cares than ER to insurers, many major insurance companies urgent care co-payments may be substantially lower than co-payments required for a trip to the Emergency Room.

No Facility Fee with urgent care - We submit your insurance claim and you receive a single bill. Emergency rooms and hospital owned urgent cares charge you both a facility fee and a fee for the physicians service. So not only are your charges much higher at the ER and hospital based urgent care, but you'll generally receive two bills!

We're a family friendly urgent care - we have a special waiting room just for children to help make the wait easier on families. Our small room has books, toys, and a TV to keep your little ones occupied.

family urgent care facility

(Our "Childrens Waiting Room")